The Expanded Index

Centronics Extension Cables

Data Transfer Cables, Parallel & Serial

DB25 Extension Cables

DB37 Extension Cables

IEEE 1284 Printer Cables

IEEE-488 Grip Cables

Keyboard Cables

Modem Cables

Monitor Cables

Null Modem Cables

Parallel Printer Cables

Parallel Printer Distance Extender

RS-232 Surge Protector

Serial Plotter Cables

Serial Printer Cables

CD ROM & Multimedia Cables

Disc Drive Power Cables

Internal Drive Cables

Desktop Bus Cables

Extension Cables

Modem Cables

Monitor Cables & Adapters

Network Products

Printer Cables

Automatic Data Switches


Computer Sharing Products

Console Sharing Products

IEEE 1284 Bi-Tronic Auto Switch

Manual Data Switches

Print Share Networks

110v. Power Cords

220v. European Power Cords

Surge Strips

Coaxial Cables

Ethernet Transceiver Cables

Flat Silver Satin Line Cords

LFH Matrix Cables

RS-232 & Parallel Cables

Telco Cables

Thin Ethernet Coaxial Cables

Twinax Cables

UTP & STP Cables

V.35 Cables

Arcnet Hubs

BNC Hex Crimp Tools

Cable Management Panels

Coaxial and Twinax Baluns

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Color Identification Caps

Console Sharing Products

D-Sub Contact Crimp and Insertion Tools

D-Sub Modular Adapters

Ethernet Hubs, Cards & Transceivers

Ethernet Thinnet Tap System

Ethernet Transceiver Cables

Face Plates

Fiber Optic Assemblies

Flat Line Cords


Modular Adapters & Couplers

Modular Crimp Tools

Modules for Blank Patch Panels & Faceplates

Mounting Boxes

Patch Panels-Blank

Patch Panels-Loaded Cat 5

Print Share Networks

Punch Down Tools for 110 Termination

Punch Down Tools for 66 Termination

Relay Racks & Shelves

Strain Relief's for Patch Cords

Surface Mount Boxes

UTP Patch Cords

Wall Mount Brackets

Wall Plates

BNC Connectors, Couplers & Terminators

Centronics Connectors

Coaxial Cable

"D" Type Connections

"D" Type Hoods

"D" Type Mounting Hardware

Data Connectors

Din Connectors

Ethernet Transceiver Cable

Ethernet Transceiver Hoods

Flat Silver Satin Line Cord "D" Type Connectors

IBM Type 1,2, 3, 6 and 9 Cable

Local Talk / Fastalk Cable

Mini Din Connectors

Modular Connectors

Ribbon Cable

RS-232 Shielded Cable

STP Cable

Twinax Cable

Twinax Connectors & Couplers

UTP Cable

8100 Loop Products

Balun Assemblies

Cable Assemblies and Filters

Copper Tap Kits

Data Connectors

Distribution Panels

Dual Station Access Modules

Faceplates & Surface Mount Boxes

IBM 3600/4700 System Products

Miscellaneous IBM Products

Multistation Access Units (MAU's)

PC Token Ring Cables

Repeaters & Converters

Single Station Access Modules & Accessories

Token Ring Cable

Token Ring Patch Cables

Twinaxial Components

Two Port Hub Expander

Type 3 Media Filters

Wiring Adapters

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